The costs refers to a complete photography procedure: planning, photographing and post production,
therefore, the costs can change according to each specific project
A business portrait by the photohrapher Shalev Mam, it is a studio portrait

Business Portrait photo-shoot


30-Minute Photo Shoot

  • Basic portrait studio photo-shooting, without makeup or styling. You will receive 3 edited photos. The cost is 2,000Kč/78€
Relocare By Shalev Man

Documentary onLocation


1 to 12-hour Photo Shoot

  • The cost of the first hour is 3,700Kč/150€, each additional hour is 3,000Kč/120€, you will receive minimum of 10 edited photos and 10 polished.

Studio Business Portrait


90-minute photo shoot

  • You will receive 15 edited photos of your choice. Each additional edited photo will cost 300Kč/12€. Basic cost is 4,800Kč/185€

Beauty 90-minute Photo Shoot


90-minute Photo Shoot

  • This beauty Photo shoot will include 10 edited photos. Each extra edited photo will cost 500Kč/19€. Basic cost is 5,200Kč/200€

Actor or model portfolio Photo shoot


90-minute Photo Shoot

  • The Portfolio Photo shoot will include 10 edited photos + 5 polished. Each additional edited photo will cost 300Kč/12€. Basic cost is 4,800Kč/185€
Yael Nachshon by Shalev Man

Outdoor Portrait Photo shoot


90-minute Photo Shoot

  • You will recive 20 edited, Additional edited photo costs 300Kč/12€. Different locations might cost differently.
Fashion_By_Shalev_Man_ (41)

Half-Day Photo Shoot


Starting from 13,000Kč/500€ for a 4-hour photo shoot

  • This photo-shooting can be In the studio or outdoors, cost may vary depending on individual requirements, Starting from 13,000Kč/500€ . The amount of total edited photos varies depending on the type of photo shoot.
Golden girl by Shalev Man vs

Full-Day Photo Shoot


Starting from 26,000Kč/1,000€ for 8 hours Photo shoot

  • Starting from 26,000Kč/1,000€ for an 8-hour photo shoot In the studio or outdoors, cost may vary depending on individual requirements. The amount of edited photos varies depending on the type of photo shoot

Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions for ordering a photo shooting

Ordering a Photo Shoot

When ordering a photo shoot, 30% of the total price will be paid in advance.
The rest will be paid upon delivery of the photos.

Amount of People

Prices can change according to the amount of people in the photo shoot.

Outdoor Photo Shoot

The cost of an outdoor photo shoot will be priced according to the location itself,
the time and expenses involved in getting there.

Makeup & Hair styling

It is possible to add a makeup artist to the photo shoot, starting for one person at 500-1,000Kč/20-40€ for one hour,
up to 3,500Kč/140€ for a full day (8Hrs) for one person. The cost for more than one person will be given specifically.
It is also possible to have hair styling.

Additional Edited Photos

Additional edited photos will be priced at 300Kč/12€-500Kč/20€ for each additional edited photo.
500Kč/20€ for each beauty photo and 300Kč/12€ for others.
This cost referrers to face editing only, if there are more body parts editing,
the cost will be according to 1,000Kč/40€ for each editing hour.

Moving or deleting objects

Moving or deleting objects in the photos in the editing process
will be charged separately according to the editing costs.

Additional photography hours

Additional photography hours will be priced at 3,000Kč/120€-4,000Kč/160€ for each additional photography hour.
The cost is according to the need.

Additional editing hours

Additional editing hours will be priced at 1,000Kč/40€.
This cost refers also to basic editing like for extra work on sending more unedited photos.


Photos will be sent within 14 working days of the date of the photo shoot.

Changing the Date of the Photo Shoot

It is possible to change the date up to 48 hours before the photo shoot.
The deposit will only be refunded if the change was made 48 hours in advance.