• My name is Shalev Man, I'm a professional photographer and artist since 2009.
    In my advertising photography, I'm combining business orientation with artistic creative approach and my specialty is Portrait Photography.
    I live in Prague and available for work across Europe and around the world.
    I speak fluent English, Hebrew and basic Czech.

    • I photograph advertising photography and portraits for executives, actors, models, artists, businessmen and anyone else who needs quality, professional photos for publishing, PR, or personal use.
      Also, documentary photography for businesses in a way that shows the activity of the business and its premises .
      I am working on my own independent visual and sound projects.

      My commercial work process is characterized by three steps: First, understanding the exact needs of the the project, if it's my project or a project for my client, searching for the desired visual outcome, and matching expectations.
      After that, building the concept.
      Then photographing, post production, and sending the photos with a link via email.
      The process of photographing people is a complex one, because every feeling of the photographed person is shown in the photo. If they feel comfortable or not, happy or not. Basically, when the person feels good, the photo will be good.
      For this reason, I have to be like a psychologist sometimes , a listener, to know how to recognize the people I meet, and get the most desirable visual outcome.

      To book your photo shoot with me or to get more info please click "contact".

      My current art works are dealing with freedom, human freedom in general, and also freedom for women. Most of my pictures will be of people, either very colorful or in black and white. A lot of my inspiration is coming from David LaChapelle, Richard Avedon , Annie Leibovitz and Platon.

      • My photography story began when I was about 16, I used to go from school in Haifa, Israel, with my motorcycle and camera directly to the beach, to check the influence of the shutter speed on the wave's appearance, to try an open aperture, a closed one, to feel the photography. To photograph.
        It was on film, so the image wasn’t immediately visible, which contributed a lot to the studying process, to patience, to observing and choosing the exact fraction of the moment.
        After a few years, I went for a one year trip to South, Central, and North America. I started this trip with my first Minolta XG1, and in Los Angeles I bought my first auto focus Nikon N50.
        On that time, I was working for telecommunication companies in instruction and marketing positions, I also achieved my
        • B.A. degree in Business Administration.
          Around 2007, I got my first digital Nikon D70. It was weird at first.. but quite comfortable. I went with the digital, for one year adventure on a motorcycle almost all over the Indian subcontinent.

          After the voyage, I bought my first professional camera, a Nikon D700, and started working with it.
          I started as
        • "Photo-Rider", an extreme and adventurous form of photography, but as a complete beginner I couldn't find a lot of demand for it, so I ended up working for a cottage housing web portal in the north of Israel, and immediately started photographing lots of cottages all over the north and center of Israel.
          It was nice, but I wanted to develop more from that area, so I went deeper into
          • commercial photography.
            With it, I have studied several photography courses at the Wizo academy, in Haifa-Israel, and after that I did a professional practical MasterClass with Eldad Rafaeli and Eyal Landsman.

            After finishing the MasterClass, I continued working with Eldad Rafaeli and Eyal Landsman for about a year, teaching a course on the basics of photography, and managing the marketing for the pro MasterClass.
            The work there was very inspiring to me, as I was able to closely experience a working and active studio, doing commercial sets, workshops, tours, collaborations and activities. It also deepened my understanding of portrait and documentary photography.

            With it I built an independent photography course in Carcur-Israel and taught a basic photography course to small groups.
            Alongside the teaching, I continued photographing for Tel Aviv City Hall, documenting events around the city, Haifa City Hall, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Rambam Hospital, as well as for big companies like Ybi UK, Terem Ichilov, theatres like the Teatroneto, designers, actors and more.
            • My first studio was in a water tower in Kfar-Kish, and after that I built a studio in Tel Aviv as well as in Haifa.

              In 2014, I moved to
              • Prague, Czech Republic, Europe.
                Prague has given me the stability and quiet I need to work thoroughly and develop. Here my
                • portrait photography abilities have developed enormously and I have established a studio in the center of the city.

                  Near the end of 2022 and at the beginning of 2023 I studied an advanced managerial professional course :
                  • Advanced management methodologies and project management in the Technion, Israel.

                    These days I am producing my art projects and commercial photography productions.