Welcome to the world of Shalev Man Photography and Artistry! I am Shalev Man, a passionate professional photographer and artist, embarking on a journey since 2009. With a focus on advertising photography, my creative approach seamlessly blends business acumen with artistic flair, with a special expertise in Portrait Photography.

Based in the enchanting city of Prague, I offer my services across Europe and around the globe. Fluent in English, Hebrew, and basic Czech, I ensure seamless communication with clients from diverse backgrounds.
In my photography portfolio, you will find captivating advertising imagery and exquisite portraits for executives, actors, models, artists, businessmen, and anyone seeking top-tier photographs for publishing, PR, or personal use. I also excel in documentary photography, capturing the essence of businesses and their premises.

My commercial work process revolves around three fundamental steps: first, understanding the precise project requirements, regardless of whether it's for my own ventures or on behalf of my clients. Next, I meticulously conceptualize the perfect approach to achieve the desired visual outcome, ensuring alignment with expectations. Finally, I bring the concept to life through skilled photography and post-production, delivering the final photos via a secure link.
When photographing people, I recognize the complexity of capturing emotions and expressions authentically. Hence, I often play the role of a psychologist and listener, adept at making connections and understanding the unique essence of each individual to achieve the most desirable visual results.

Aside from my commercial endeavors, my art projects are a reflection of my passion for exploring the theme of freedom, both in a general sense and with a focus on women's liberation. My art predominantly features people, captured in vibrant colors or timeless black and white, inspired by the works of renowned photographers such as David LaChapelle, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, and Platon.

My photographic journey began at a young age when I would venture to the beach with my motorcycle and camera in Haifa, Israel, experimenting with shutter speed and aperture settings to understand the essence of photography. The transition from film to digital further honed my skills and patience, leading to an unforgettable motorcycle adventure across the Indian subcontinent.
Over the years, my expertise expanded from extreme "Photo-Rider" photography to commercial and portrait photography, honing my skills through formal education at the Wizo academy in Haifa, followed by a professional practical MasterClass with industry experts Eldad Rafaeli and Eyal Landsman.
Teaching photography and managing marketing for the MasterClass further enriched my understanding of the craft. Additionally, I offered an independent photography course in Carcur, Israel, where I empowered aspiring photographers to embrace their passion.
With my studio established in Prague, the artistic allure of this enchanting city has fuelled my creative growth, particularly in the realm of portrait photography.

Constantly seeking personal and professional development, I recently completed an advanced managerial professional course in Advanced Management Methodologies and Project Management at the esteemed Technion in Israel.
Today, I find myself fully immersed in producing awe-inspiring art projects and exceptional commercial photography productions. Each new endeavor brings with it an opportunity to capture moments that resonate deeply with audiences and clients alike.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic expedition, and I invite you to explore my diverse body of work. To book a photo shoot or gather more information, please click on the "Contact" tab. Let's create something extraordinary together!

2.2010, Group exhibition, Pardes Hanna, Israel, Portraits
7.2013, Solo exhibition, Barbi Tel Aviv, Israel, Documentation of Cabaret Total
6.2022, Group exhibition, ArtUp, Dům národnostních menšin, Prague, Czech Republic, Gold Portraits
7.2023, Parallax, London, UK, ‘We are all gold’ Project
9.2023, Art Gemini Prize at Zari Gallery, London, Uk, Gold Portrait