When ordering, 40-50% of the total price will be paid in advance.
The rest will be paid upon delivery of the photos/visuals/the total work was done.

Amount of People

Prices can change according to the amount of people in the photo shoot.

Outdoor Photo Shoot

The cost of an outdoor photo shoot will be priced according to the location itself,
the time and expenses involved in getting there.

Makeup & Hair styling

It is possible to add makeup and hair styling to the photo shoot.

Moving or deleting objects

Moving or deleting objects in the photos in the editing process
will be charged separately according to the editing costs.


In regular terms, the photos will be sent within14 working days of the date of the photo shoot.
It is possible to receive the photos sooner for extra payment

Changing the Date of the Photo Shoot

It is possible to change the date up to 48 hours before the photo shoot.
The deposit will only be refunded if the change was made 48 hours in advance.