• Our acquaintance with Shalev started when we built our web site, Shalev's work was done in two aspects: he photographed the office spaces and portraits of the people. The office spaces photo shoot was done fully professionally with patient, flexibility and willingness to hear and accept our ideas alongside keeping professionalism and receiving great results. As known, people photography is very complicated; not everyone was born "a model" who knows how to stand in front of a camera and show his "beautiful side", here, Shalev's great personality is reflected who succeeded to comp and make a great atmosphere that eventually produced great results. And you can see for yourself: www.bfc-appraisal.com According to the personal acquaintance with Shalev and his work, we kept the professional connection in personal events. No doubt that we will keep on working with him in the future, (translation from Hebrew)
    Michal Shimkevitz - Partner
    Barak Fridman Keplener Shimkevitz & Co. Economics and Real Estate Appraisal
  • Shalev did for our company Chocotopia an outstanding job! He was  incredibly easy to work with and more than willing to hear our suggestions. Very polite, prompt, and FUN to work with! Thank you so much. Result is fantastic!

  • We have been using Shalev's photography services for our office portraits and professional marketing photos for two years. It is always good and professional experience. The communication, the photo shooting and the final product! Happy to recommend him.
  • Shalev is a highly professional photographer. Working with him already several years and all is great as always.
  • A special photography experience. Highly recommended !!!
    Efrat Yahav
    Efrat Yahav, Coaching
  • Shalev Man is highly professional and very talented photographer & artist. Shalev is totally and fully committed to his projects\ creations and manages them with special attention for each and every detail from the technical aspects, through the design and art elements in order to achieve the best results for his customers. I worked with Shalev on few projects including video and stills photographing & editing, which were very challenging in their targets and demands, and the results were amazing much above our anticipation, to the result of an amazing art. Above all, Shalev is an amazing person, responsible, always aim to perfection, friendly and great person to work with. With Shalev I’ve gained both a real professional photographer and a friend for life.
    Roy Joulus - CEO & Co. founder
    Greenbo Ltd.
  • Shalev's elegance and eye for aesthetic beauty was a pleasure to encounter both in the professional and personal environment. Needless to say that I was very happy with the photos that came out.
    Leat Sabbah
  • It gives me a great pleasure to be writing this recommendation. Shalev is very talented and creative. He has as well very nice personality and that's why all our students and clients are always happy to meet him. We have been working with Shalev for more than 50 projects as fashion shows, private clients, company events. He is very hard working, Shalev has creative approach and he always helped us in special cases.
    Marketa Davidovich - Owner 
  • Amazing photos, Shalev expressed perfectly the advertise concept we were looking for. (Quote was translated from Hebrew)
  • The singer Mika Sade with the poet Tzruya Laha sitting on a piano , הזמרת מיקה שדה וצרויה להב
    Shalev Man and I met at his previous studio in Tel Aviv on a set he held for the singer Mika Sade and me for our show "The silk road". Since then I am seeking (and finding) new opportunities to work with him again. Because he sees things differently. Because he gets what other don’t. Besides that his quiet concentration is contagious, he brings results that he focuses on. Because his scenes of humor is photographing. Because in the story that his camera tells, there is depth, pace of grace, and none of them came at the expense of the other.. Because he is a nice & intelligent who behave so nice to the people he photograph till they become like me: serial recommender . (Quote was translated from Hebrew)

    Tzruya Lahav
    Poet, Author
  • It was a really good experience, a lovely guy, knew how to listen to my needs. Very professional, directed me in the best way to bring out perfect results. Very high level of images, I will definitely go back to it when I need more images ! (Was translated from Hebrew)
    Tzvi Shemesh
    Tzvi Shemesh, sales instructor and consultant
  • My photography set with Shalev: Hi, my name is Yael Nachshon, a singer and creator. I met Shalev in several accessions and It was always a pleasure to meet and being photographed by him. But I wanted to tell about our photography set for my second album "From the sea to the beach". It was one of the most magical days. Lots of it was because of Shalevs qualities, he was charming, generous, pleasant, brave and mainly tranquil. I have no doubt I will work with him again on my next albums. He is very talented and an amazing person, I recommend him warmly, Yael. (Quote was translated from Hebrew)
    Yael Nachshon
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Shalev on a couple of projects from my base here in London. Even though we were working remotely across different time zones Shalev was a incredibly attentive and creative partner on our video production projects. He helped to develop my brief and turned in a polished and effective product.  I look forward to working with him in the future and would strongly recommend his work.”
    Ewan Gaffney
    The Prince's Youth Business International (YBI) U.K.